Transforming Youth, Communities and Countries Through the Power of Music

Welcome to Musedics!

Musedics is the ideal solution for homeschoolers, charter schools, and anywhere there is a group of young people that want to make music together!

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 Musedics Courses - now including on-location after school programs!

  • Musedics International, is conducted on a semester basis - with 13 weeks of classes conducted twice a week.
  • One day is for choir.
  • One day is for instrument instruction.
  • Originally only conducted virtually, we have expanded to include on-location after school programs.
  • Virtual classes are international, interactive, and conducted in real time - not pre-recorded, and may be used individually, for small groups (Micro Music Hubs) and full classes.
  • Virtual concerts are given each semester



All classes are using our newly released curriculum – with a new interactive approach – giving students the opportunity to interact the same way they do in our on-location Music Camps.

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Musedics International is a division of Canticum Novum International, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.