Music Camp International

Transforming Children, Communities and Countries Through the Power of Music

Music Camp International is a division of Canticum Novum, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Music Camp Welcomes Poland

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What Is Music Camp International?

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On-location Music Camps and Festivals are conducted in many different locations. The six days of intensive music involvement in choir and instrument instruction end with a spectacular concert accompanied by top symphonic orchestras. (Although temporarily put on "hold" during the pandemic, MCI is in the process of re-engaging various cities and countries to re-ignite this historic "force" that captured the heart of Eastern Europe for almost 20 years!)

Virtual Christmas Concert

Virtual Music Camps - are held as the schedule allows. Typically there are at least one or two summer virtual Camps and a Camp in the autumn to prepare a Christmas concert.

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Musedics - our virtual, synchronous, international and interactive after-school program for choir and instrument ensemble. This program meets two days per week during the school year - one day per week is choir, and one day per week is an instrument class.